Jesse and Glenna Parnell to Uruguay

Jesse and Glenna Parnell to Uruguay

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men. Romans 12:18


Pastor Tommy Miller, Cheyenne, Wyoming gave me a book entitled, “When You Can’t Just Get Over It.”
There are ten chapters on how to overcome these hurdles in life: injustice, insecurity, discouragement, disillusionment, depression, bitterness, ruptured relationships, rejection and false accusations. Dr. Ouellette uses ten different Bible characters to illustrate how they were able to get victory over these hurdles. I started teaching classes on Facebook live using these chapters. Several have said that the classes have been a blessing and help in their lives. I would like to highly recommend the book to you. I have three more classes in order to finish the series.

The other day Raphael Montero stopped by our church and talked to Pastor Alvarez. He has been listening to the classes and is planning to come to our services. He has a son who has cancer and is going through a difficult time. Raphael’s father and mother came to the Seminary that missionary John Sawyer had before I came to Uruguay. Both of Raphael’s parents are now deceased. Please remember to pray for him.

Glenna Discipleship Classes

I was asked if I would teach some discipleship classes for a few weeks. Two ladies, Veronica and Claudia, have been coming on Wednesday afternoons to take these classes. They came prepared with their homework done and their verses memorized. They are a blessing to me.

Pray for Fabian and Veronica

Fabian and his wife Veronica were invited to Church by William Luna. Fabian and his wife went for a few Sundays. Fabian had some major health issues and was not able to come for awhile. We were able to visit them in their home and they decided to take the exchange classes. We hope to start them in a week or so. Please, pray for them as these classes are designed to lead them to a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

Our purpose: Share Christ with the world. Sadly, so many lack the vision.

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