Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Portland/Vancouver Area

Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Russian Speaking Peoples in Portland/Vancouver Area

Dear Pastors and Colaborers in Christ,

The landscape of our ministry continues to change. Our goal is to reach the world with the Gospel. As many of you know, we were missionaries in Russia for 25 years. Leaving Russia was perhaps the hardest decision of my life, but I knew God was in it.  God has now revealed His sovereign wisdom and handwriting.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Since the war in Ukraine began, 12 million Ukrainians and 700,000 Russians have fled their homelands and sought asylum in various countries, one of which is the United States. We are welcoming them with open arms and helping them adjust to their new country of refuge. Many of the people fleeing are Christians. Watch for new Russians and Ukrainians coming to your town. They need a good church home and will be a great asset to your ministry.

In our area of Vancouver, Washington, one out of every six people speak Russian. Our name, Bridgeway Baptist Church, was founded on the desire to bridge the cultural gaps of immigrants from different countries and encourage them to serve the Lord as one people. Our church is now comprised of Russian, Spanish and English-speaking members. God is giving us the desires of our heart.

In other news:

  • We had five people baptized this summer
  • Four people saved and awaiting baptism
  • I performed a wedding ceremony for a couple who has been attending for several years.
  • We recently had a lady visit who came up after the morning service and said, “I am thrilled to find a King James Bible church. I have searched and failed until today. I will be back next week.” She has been every Sunday since then.
  • We have had four different families visit from the chaplaincy ministry.
  • We Finished a room for our church nursery

Prayer requests:

  1. Pray for Warren, a dear brother in our church who has cancer. He is such a blessing to our ministry and is now fighting the battle of his life. We are praying for a miracle.
  2. Pray for the electrical rewiring of our building to accommodate three trailers for refuges to live in.
  3. Pray for the building process, that God will give us wisdom.
  4. Brother Dan, a retired pastor in our church, has Alzheimer’s. His wife, Donna, is in remission from esophageal cancer and is awaiting results if she has lung cancer. Pray for God’s Will.
  5. For more souls to be saved through the labor of Bridgeway Baptist Church.
  6. For more labourers in the harvest field of souls around the world.

Thank you for your help in seeing souls saved and lives changed in Vancouver, Washington.

Yours for Souls,

Ron and Kathy Reasoner



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