Roggenkamp Family to Mexico

Roggenkamp Family to Mexico

Dear Gentle Reader and Kindred Spirit,

It’s almost unbelievable that in less than a week we will be meeting our sweet bundle of GIRL (July 22)! I am definitely feeling all the end-of-pregnancy aches as Graceana bears down hard, preparing for birth. The memories of my last c-section are starting to become more vivid as I remember back to when Johnny came…not sure I am ready for all that, and I ask for you to pray that God would give me peace and help me be brave. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel somewhat apprehensive at times and have to keep taking my thoughts captive and remember that the Lord will help me through it all. I sometimes wonder if I will remember how to take care of a newborn…its been more than 4 years since I had one! The boys are excited and eager to help with their little sister. My family and friends from church have been a huge blessing, helping with cleaning, organizing, errands, caring for the boys and bringing meals so that I can rest more. Whatever still needs to be done will be accomplished in God’s good time! I’m purposing to just do the next thing and not look too far ahead in this journey God has on…

 We do thank you for your prayers and ask that you would continue to trust God with us…We pray there will not be any complications and that the healing process will be just as God would have it. I’m trusting God for His grace in those moments, as I don’t have it now as I send this message. I know there are many unknowns, and I must trust, just as always!

 Thank you for your kind and edifying words of encouragement in the last days; they mean so much to me! Your sharing in our joy has been such a blessing to us! God has been so gracious to us, providing our every need and allowing us precious time with family before we return home to Mexico. He is answering prayer, and we look to Him in those special requests that we are still waiting for an answer.

 We love you so very much!

Clinging to Jesus,

Sara Grace for us all

 P.S. The young man that was saved at camp came to church with his whole family last Sunday! James is going to visit them in their home this afternoon! Please pray that he will be able to be a blessing and start discipling this young man.


I meant to mention this in my earlier email and forgot. Would you ask God to help Graceana’s liver to work well and break down any high bilirubin after she is born? Johnny had to be in a bilibed after we were dismissed, which was a bit of a challenge with me recovering from the c-section and staying in a hotel to be closer to the hospital for routine blood work. There were no bili gowns available, which would have been so much easier to use, so I am prayerful that God will intervene without that challenge!

One other thing…It would be a HUGE blessing to have someone to help us  (mainly me!) make the long drive back to the Mexico border in Douglas, AZ (probably from Houston when we actually head home), since we have two vehicles to get back…It’s a long trip anyway, but even more so with a nursing newborn and 4 boys in tow. Please be prayerful that God will send just the person to minister in this way!🙏

Blessings to each of you!

Sara Grace

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