Roggenkamp Family to Mexico

Roggenkamp Family to Mexico
The apostle Paul, speaking to the Ephesian believers, was teaching them here in chapter 4 what their relationship to the world was to look like. Certainly, they were “in Christ”, but they were also in the world. The world brings temptation and sin. Sin defiles the believer and negates our witness to the lost world. We have a responsibility to walk in purity and model the transforming power of the resurrected Christ, who now lives in us and empowers us.

Paul expected the Ephesian Christians to experience a changed life, so he gave them three admonitions: “put off” (v. 22-23), “put on” (v. 24), and “put away” (v.25). Jesus did His part on the cross. Now we are to do our part by believing His Word and “changing clothes.” We should no longer walk in the “wrong way”, but rather walk in newness of life. We are a new creation. We should manifest this changed life by the way we walk (circumspectly).

Many of you will remember that in our last prayer letter Sara mentioned a troubled young mother (Iris) who came to our house asking for prayer. Her oldest daughter was rebelling against her parental authority and causing discord at home. My wife took the opportunity to share Christ with her friend, and she left with a “renewed spirit.”

Since then, Iris has been attending church faithfully and growing in her knowledge and relationship with God. She asked Sara if she could start a personal Bible study with her, as she sincerely desires “the milk” of God’s Word. Recently, she came to us and expressed a desire to get married. She and her partner (Salustrio, a widower) have been living together for several

years now and have a son together, in addition to their blended family. Now that she is a follower of Christ, she wants to live a “changed” life; she wants to “do right.” Pray that we can help her and her common-law husband be a light to this community of Matarachi.

Another young teenager, Emilia, told Sara she wanted to rededicate her life to Christ. Some years ago, as a younger girl, she made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and even obediently followed the Lord in believer’s baptism. After a while, though, she began to hang around with the wrong crowd, and as often is the case, she began to act like the world. After experiencing some real heartbreak and suffering, she is coming to herself once more and has started coming back to church, reading her Bible again and praying. This is a REAL answer to prayer because Sara has been so burdened for her and been praying fervently that God would convict her heart and draw her back to Himself! He is faithful!!! The Holy Spirit is once again moving in Emilia’s life. She, also, is interested in a girl’s Bible study with my wife, Sara. Pray for Emilia, that she will stay the course and be an example to other teenagers here in our village.

Last month our son, Matthew, was jumping on the trampoline with a neighbor boy. The conversation turned to the Lord, and Matthew witnessed to Gael about Jesus. When they finished their talk, Gael wanted to accept Jesus as his personal Savior. Matthew explained the Gospel clearly and was able to lead Gael to the Lord. He then brought his friend inside and told his mommy the exciting news. Sara, also their Sunday school teacher, asked Gael some questions to make sure that he understood what Matthew was talking to him about, and he affirmed that he had trusted Christ as his Savior from sin! Already, Gael has shown an evident change in his life, and the joy he is experiencing as a new believer is reflected in his countenance. Pray that our children will grow up to be active soul-winners with their playmates and point them to Christ. (Editor’s note: This past Sunday morning—Resurrection Day— Gael’s little brother, Axel, came up to me at the piano and told me that he knew how to get to God…His brother told him! Soon he will be trusting Christ himself, I am sure…)Lastly, I would like to mention Andrés. He is the man I wrote about in one of last year’s prayer letters. He asked me to help him get out of the drug cartel. I drove him out of the mountains and took him back to his father’s ranch.

On that drive, I had a long talk with Andrés about God’s Plan for him. As a result, Andrés got saved and was excited about changing his life and living for Christ. Unfortunately, a couple weeks later, the cartel came looking for him. They finally caught up to him and took him prisoner. He is back up in the mountains, serving out his contract with the cartel, against his will.

I know that many of you have been praying with us for Andrés’ situation. Pray that God will protect and keep him, and despite his difficult circumstances, that God would perfect the Work He has begun in Andrés’ life.

Thank you so much for your loyal prayers and support of our family as we attempt to make a difference in the little mountain village of Matarachi, Sonora. You are our partners in this ministry as you hold the ropes for our family.

Your missionaries to Mexico, The Roggenkamps Lost strays who were found!


  • Día del Niño (Children’s Day) Celebration—April 30th
  • Mother’s Day Event— date in early May
  • Ordination/Commissioning Service for Pastor Juan in Arivechi this spring/summer
  • VBS here in Matarachi sometime in July, Lord-willing
  • Wedding, and Ordination Service the following week, for Bro. Pepo in Jimenez, Chihuahua
  • Grace, wisdom, and strength in all the in-between’s with homeschooling, daily life, teaching and preaching, multiple Bible studies and doing the nomadic lifestyle thing everywhere we step foot (smile!)

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