Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Portland/Vancouver Area

Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Russian Speaking Peoples in Portland/Vancouver Area
Dear Churches and Friends,
It is with great joy that I announce we have bid on and won the property in the below link.  We got this beautiful acre in the Center of the Vancouver metropolitan area for $356,000.  I am sure that sounds like a lot of money for an acre of land but I assure you, we got an incredible deal.  A buildable, bare acre of land in Vancouver goes for $400,000. Developers often pay $100,000 or more over the asking price. This property has a home that must be torn down due to a fire. That is a perfect situation for us because we did not have to pay for a house we could not use.  It does have a shop on the property that we will remodel into a church meeting place until such a time as we are ready to build a new sanctuary where the old house once stood. Our church has $200,000 on hand (thank you for those of you who have already given!), and $7,000 more has been promised. As of today, we still need $149,000 for this cash offer.  One pastor suggested we find 30 churches to give $5,000.  If you could be one of 30 to give $5,000, that would be a huge blessing. Any amount, any love offering towards this purchase would be a blessing.  We have 30-60 days before closing, depending on when probate rules and the judge signs off on the offer. Then it will go through closing.
 As you can see from the photos, we have lots of work and expenses ahead of us.  We are excited to start the process of getting a permit to tear the house down, conditional use permit for a church, and the permit to make the shop into a building.  It is a blessing that all the landscaping and shop tools stay with the property.
We covet your prayers as we go through this buying and building process.  Bridgeway Baptist Church will also be grateful for any financial help you can give us.
Yours for souls,
Pastor Ron Reasoner



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