Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Portland/Vancouver Area

Ron and Kathy Reasoner to Russian Speaking Peoples in Portland/Vancouver Area

Dear Pastors, Churches, and Praying Friends,

It was a humbling moment to see God come through with the money for our new church property at Heartland’s Church Planter’s Conference in Oklahoma City. God worked mightily. Again, we thank each of you who gave in our miracle offering! You can see the video here:

It started with a dream to build a church in Vancouver, Washington. Other pastors told me it is impossible. From a certain point of view, they are right. Nevertheless, we serve a God that delights in the impossible. He opened a door for property on a main highway. We currently meet in a difficulttofind place. Yet, we are growing, and God is blessing. We are excited to see the great plans God has for Bridgeway Baptist Church.

After we purchased the property, we began raising money for a building. A wise pastor told me to have 100k raised before you begin building. Our church is four years old and we are trying to raise these funds. We have 80k raised thanks to the church planters conference, our church’s Moving Forward Offering, and my book sales.

Speaking of my book, Serving God Behind Enemy Lines, I want to remind you that all proceeds from the book go to our building fund. Each month I take a trip to a supporting church for a conference, raise money for the building, and sell books. So far, every church has reported that they were blessed abundantly.  Please give me a call if you would like us to come to your church (503-997-0334). It would help immensely if every pastor in our Independent Baptist circles made this missions book available to their people. You can order multiple copies, through my website I get great feedback on the book. One pastor wrote, “It is a dangerous book, it kept me up until 4:00 am. Another said, I finished it in three days. Absolutely loved it-couldn’t put it down. One college buddy proclaimed, “It reads like an action-adventure novel. Most of our missionary biographies are more than 100 years old. Adoniram Judson is an awesome read, but our God still works miracles today and we need to be reminded of that.

My oldest son, Joel, is now the pastor of Bellingham Baptist Church in Bellingham, Washington. My second son, Micah, is working with the Russian community here in Vancouver. We grieve that they were forced to leave Russia because of the war, but thankful God has led them to new places where they continue to serve Him.

Now it is time to pray, plan, permit and build.  We are busy filing paperwork to satisfy the government. Our first big prayer request is that we can get tax exemption for the property. It is a highly valued piece of land and the taxes are over $10,000 a year. Clark County hates to see this revenue disappear. They want proof of an active building program. We must get a site plan, pass the Pre-Application Conference, and then move toward a conditional use permit. Pray with us that this will be done in a timely manner. We have seen God work in great and mighty ways and rest in His power.

We had one Russian man saved since our last prayer letter. Continue to pray for our Russian community as they await work permits and social security numbers.

Working because the night is coming,

Ron Reasoner



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