Ruppel Family to Cambodia

Dear Friends,  

“Better late than never” ???  This statement is not always true! 
COVID has not been a big problem here until the end of February, 2021.  Before that date not one death had been attributed to COVID.  Now there are mortalities every day.  Phnom Penh was put on a 14-day lockdown just six days ago.  The government seems to be doing everything they can to get the situation under control.  However, they are now talking about extending the lockdown and being more restrictive in certain “red zones.” 
Please pray for a few things: 
  • Pray for Becky to be able to make her flight on April 22.   She is heading back to the states to start getting ready for our daughter’s wedding.  Lord willing, I will follow on May 25.   With this lock down, there are many hoops to jump through in order to get permission to drive to the airport.  
  • The construction crew is still working on the building, but they will be unable to get any more materials until the lockdown is over.  Pray the building will be done in God’s time, and that we will have the faith and patience to wait for the Lord’s timing. 
  • Pray God would show himself strong in providing for His people.   Most everything has stopped.  So jobs are suspended. Many of the large markets are shut down, and local vendors are running out of supplies. 
  • God wants to use this.  Please pray for God to give His children grace and wisdom to be salt and light in a dark world.  Pray for Christians to reach those they live with, and for people to be reached via online platforms.  
  • Pray that the church will come out of this stronger, better, and increased in number.  
These types of prayer requests have been common for about 13 months now.  Please continue to pray.  

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