Ruppel Family to Cambodia

Dear praying friends, 

Thank you so much for praying for Becky and me and for the people we work with.  We will not know all that is accomplished through your prayers until we get to heaven.

Ta (Grandpa) Mun is growing in the Lord and continues to be hungry for God’s Word. He is reading through the stories of the Bible right now, and it has been so good for him.  He has missed some church due to his wife’s health problems and recently some of his own. However, he walks to my house three or four mornings a week to review his own personal devotions with me.  The stories and culture of the Old Testament are so foreign to Cambodians, so clarification about things is most important in a new Christian’s life.  For example, it is drilled into their conscience that “killing animals is sin,” so the story of Cain and Abel seems upside down. “God is pleased with Abel? But he sinned by killing an animal! God wants Cain to kill an animal and sin too?  Why?” Ta Mun had these questions as well, however he is very receptive to allowing the Bible to correct his thinking. It is such a joy to disciple him!    

I had an opportunity to talk to Ta Mun about what I think God would be pleased to do in his life. My prayer is that God will teach him and grow him to the point that he can answer any questions that his family has about Christianity, that he can speak with confidence and faith about the Gospel of Christ to his family and friends, and that he will be able to encourage others in the church to stay faithful to Christ. When I told him what I was praying for, he said in English, “Yes, that’s right!” Please continue to pray for him. 

Please pray for the grand opening of the new church building.  Pastor Wang and I have been praying since last November about when to have this opening. We had our first services in the building last November, but Pastor Wang and I had a list of things that needed to be finished on the building before we could have the grand opening.  Now we only have a couple of small things left to do.  We were also praying for the attitude, momentum, and spirit of the church to be what it needed to be for the meeting. The “post-COVID” momentum and spirit of our people were not what they needed to be last November. However, we believe God has brought our people to a good place in order to have a wonderful and successful grand opening event. 

The Grand Opening Event is scheduled for June 19, 2022

  • Please pray for many unsaved families of our members to come. 
  • Please pray for many people from our neighborhood to come. 
  • Please pray for wayward church members to come back for this day. 
  • Please pray for the Gospel to be clearly given, well-received, and believed upon.  
  • Please pray for us to take advantage of opportunities to follow up with all. 
Thank you for your prayers,

Rodney Ruppel 

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