Ruppel Family to Cambodia

Dear Praying Friends,

Each Sunday as I walk into our new building I am reminded of God’s goodness and provision.  The miracle of watching God provide this building in miraculous ways is often overwhelming.  I remember sitting on the roof of our parking area praying that God would provide so we could build an auditorium and Sunday School rooms.  I am not sure my prayers were as faith-filled as they should have been, but God showed me his love through answered prayer.

Of course, meeting in a new building is exciting, but there is something much more exciting…seeing the rooms in that building being used to strengthen Christians and to counsel the unsaved.  A few weeks ago as I walked around the building my eyes filled with tears seeing the church members in the auditorium listening intently to the preaching, the children on the roof smiling as they sang songs about Jesus (slightly off tune), and salvation Bible studies being taught in the parking area, the foyer, and the Sunday School rooms.  A building is a blessing, but our life is not to be lived for a building but to bring people to Christ. 

Tich Meng first came to our church a few months ago. His in-laws were members of our church many years ago.  They have since moved and are now attending another good Baptist church outside of Phnom Penh. They told him about our church, and we were so thrilled to meet him.  He has been studying the “Do You Know God?” book with Rodney each Sunday morning.  He has listened well and asked good questions. It was thrilling when he made the decision to trust Christ as his Savior! 

Liza, the brother of one of our church members, moved to Phnom Penh to have medical treatment for kidney disease.  He has heard of Christ many times before, but his sickness has made him see the seriousness of knowing where he will spend eternity when he dies.  Pastor Wang and Pastor Proh have been doing a salvation Bible study with him during our Sunday morning service.  Just a few weeks ago, he put his faith in Christ. 

Srey Oun, our pastor’s wife, is discipling Sopha during our morning service also.  She accepted Christ in early September.  It is exciting to see her growth and her desire to grow closer to Christ.  I am excited about her joining the ladies of the church as we attend a Ladie’s Conference in another city next week.

Please pray for these new Christians to grow strong in their faith and to share the Gospel with those around them.  Pray for them to be faithful church members that serve the Lord along with the others at New Hope Baptist Church.

Another Bible study is happening each Sunday morning also. Pastor Proh’s wife is teaching Liza’s wife.  She has not yet accepted Christ.  Please pray for Chenda as she teaches and for Phia as she listens.  Pray she will clearly understand the gift of salvation and accept Christ.  Also, pray that she will find comfort in Christ as her husband faces this medical trial.

Once again, I thank God for the wonderful church building he provided, but even more, I thank God for the people who are coming to Christ in that building and for the wonderful CHURCH (people) God is using in that building.

God has been GOOD!

Becky Ruppel


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