Ruppel Family to Cambodia

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

It is so encouraging to see the people in whom we have invested our lives continue to go for- ward serving the Lord in His work.

In October, just before we left for the States, one of our missionary friends hosted a ladies conference. More than 20 of our ladies travelled together from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, enjoyed fellowship together, and were greatly encouraged and edified by all of the great teaching and testimonies. Becky had the opportunity to speak, but the biggest encouragement to Becky and I were the three ladies from New Hope that also spoke at the conference. It gives us such joy to see those we have discipled continue to follow the Lord and to teach others also!

Another missionary friend had a men’s conference in November. Our men were greatly helped and challenged through the preaching of ten different preachers. Four of those preachers were men that I have had the privilege of training. It gives me great joy to see them invest in other men!

The church that God started through our ministry in 1997 is now completely financed through their own offerings, led by nationals that we had the privilege of leading to Christ and training for the ministry, and is reaching out to the community around them with the Gospel. Through Pastor Wang’s leadership, New Hope Baptist Church organized and presented a Christmas play to family, friends, and the community in order to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Joy, Joy, Joy!

We mentioned in our last prayer letter a number of salvation and discipleship Bible studies happening throughout the new church building. Tich Meng, Sophia, Liza, and Liza’s wife (Phia) were all baptized on January 1st, 2023. It gives me great joy to see Pastor Wang leading New Hope Baptist Church into the new year and beyond.

Becky and I have been visiting the U.S.A. since October 19, 2022, and we have plans to re- turn to Cambodia on January 18, 2023. It has given us so much joy to see our children and grand- child while we have been back. Ryan and his wife, Katlin, are faithfully serving the Lord at our home church in Bridgeport, Michigan and are doing such a wonderful job raising our granddaughter, Kylie. Blake and his wife, Cailyn, are faithfuly serving the Lord in Moore, Oklahoma. They are expecting their first child in June of 2023. During the last year, Rhadee and her husband, Austin, have been faithfully serving the Lord at our home church, but they have just started deputation to go to the foreign mission field. It is difficult for me to describe the joy we receive from spending time with our children and their spouses. All of them have a heart for Jesus and are endeavoring to please Him with their lives. What a joy to see our children walk in truth!

In 2023, Lord willing, Becky and I will move to a different city in Cambodia to start a new church. On January 18th, we will be physically departing from our own children whom we will miss very much! Later this year, we plan to physically leave our spiritual children in Phnom Penh to go to a place that needs the Gospel and a Bible-preaching church. We so enjoy spending time with our own children and with the spiritual children from our ministry, but physical separation from those we love is sometimes necessary in following God’s plan for our lives.

We have no greater joy than to hear that our children walk in truth.

Rodney Ruppel


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