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In 1998, we met a junior high girl who accepted Christ and became a part of our church. She loved God and longed to see her parents accept Christ also. Shortly after meeting Sopiep, we went to visit her parents. Ming Sok and Pu Yen accepted us into their home kindly but did not have the desire to come to church or learn about God. Sopiep continued to be a good testimony to them and showed them the love of Christ, and Rodney and I were able to give them the Gospel also. Ming Sok “prayed a prayer” to accept Christ after doing a salvation study with me, but we later found out that she had done that to please me and had not truly understood the gift of salvation. The Gospel was shared with them many times over the years.

Ming Sok began attending church when we had special services. She was always friendly and glad to be there. For many years our church prayed for her salvation. About a year ago, she became very sick. Once again, we visited and shared the wonderful news of salvation with her, but she did not accept Christ. In February of this year, the doctors said there was no more they could do for
her. She was not well enough to speak aloud, but she was able to use her thumb or her eyes to communicate. Sopiep spoke of God with her daily. Rodney and I went to visit and once again gave her a chance to accept Christ. This time she listened and gave us signals with her eyes to let us know she knew she needed Christ and was finally putting her faith in Him. The following day, three of our national pastors and their families went to visit her also. They were excited to confirm that she had accepted Christ. On the day of her departure from this world, Sopiep was able to talk to her one more time. She told her mom she would see her in Heaven. Ming Sok opened her eyes, and they were full of peace as she looked at her daughter.

So often, we give up on those to whom we have witnessed for years. Isn’t it amazing that God never gives up? He allowed Ming Sok to be alert enough to receive him even on her deathbed!

Ming Sok’s salvation has been an encouragement to others in our church who have been praying for the salvation of their own parents for many years. It has caused renewed hope in their hearts and encouraged them to keep sharing the Good News and to keep praying.

Will you please join us in praying for these parents?

Savuth and Chantha (Parents of Pastor Wang)
Samnang and Nary (Parents of SokLeang and SokTeang)
Sokha and Socheat (Parents of SreyNeang, SreyMom, Lyna, Nuth, Neatra, and SreyWat) Mao and Yan (Parents of Kosal)
Sem and Sarem (Parents of Phiim)
Sareun (Father of Ron)

Thank you so much for your prayers on behalf of Cambodia and the ministries here!

Yours for Cambodia,

Becky Ruppel


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