Ruppel Family to Cambodia

Dear Praying Friends, 

Thank you all for praying for Becky and I as we serve our Lord Jesus Christ in Cambodia.

We have a few prayer requests: 
  1. Please pray for the salvation of a young adult lady named Sopheak.  She is coming faithfully to church with her aunt and uncle, who are long time members of the church.  Two of our ladies are teaching Sopheak every week.  The salvation study is moving forward slowly.  She has been slow to understand because the truths she is learning are all new to her.
  2. Please pray for the chief of the village where Pastor Tho lives and works. This man is secretly listening to audio recordings of salvation sermons.  He does not want the people in his village to know that he is doing so.  (A Nicodemus by night kind of scenario.)   He has another person come ask Pastor Tho for more sermons. He has already listened to 15 salvation sermons multiple times.   He makes money as a Buddhist “clergy” doing funerals, so his way of life and status in the village would be completely uprooted if he publicly professes Christ.  Pray for God to do a great work in his life.
  3. Pray for Srey Ka.  She just accepted Christ on April 16th.  Her parents live apart from her in another province, however they had time off work in the middle of April for a national/Buddhists holiday.  The day Srey Ka accepted Christ both her mother and father were attending church.  Srey Ka’s mom told her unsaved sister that day (in the presence of her saved sister) all about the sermon.  She told her that Christians live different than us because they have hope beyond this life.  She was excited about the sermon and said she wishes she could listen to more. She was given some audio sermons to take with her before she left.  Pray for Srey Ka to grow and for her parents to get saved.
  4. Pray for Piseth to get saved.  Piseth is an elderly man over 80.  He is in fairly good health, but his mind does not retain things well. Piseth’s wife, daughter, and grandson are all born again.  Pastor Wang has been working hard to make Piseth understand the wonderful Gospel of Christ.  A couple of weeks ago, as Pastor Wang asked Piseth questions in review of previous lessons, he remembered and answered correctly. Remembering is a huge miracle in itself.  Please pray that Piseth not just remember but also put his faith in Christ.

Most of you know that Pastor Wang and I do a lot of work to represent Baptist missionaries and pastors to the government.  The last four months has been busier than normal.  Pray for God to give us wisdom to keep the door open for Baptists to legally and openly do the Lord’s work here in Cambodia. 

As Becky and I make arrangements to leave Phnom Penh and move to a provincial town, please pray for us.  We will give you more updates about that in the next couple of months. 

Thank you for your prayers. 
Rodney Ruppel
Calling Cambodians to Christ


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