Salmons to Thailand

Salmons to Thailand


We had originally planned to devote an entire prayer letter to sharing our ministries and activities in April, because we had a lot of exciting plans for the month! From celebrating Easter, then Judah’s fifth birthday, then Songkran (the Thai New Year holiday), to speaking for and helping with the annual Southeast Asia Missionary Kid camp, April was a very promising month! However, much like it did in 2020, COVID-19 has caused us to change or cancel most of those plans. Thailand is experiencing a “third wave” of COVID, and about midway through April, Bangkok mostly shut down, and Bangjak Baptist moved to online services. People are very afraid of getting or spreading COVID, and it has made personal ministry very difficult. Please pray that the situation here will ease up, and that we will have wisdom in how to still minister in spite of fear and regulations.


In our last prayer letter, we told you how excited we were to help “reboot” the English outreach, starting on March 19. We had a great start, and even had some great Gospel conversations with some of the students. But because of this third wave of COVID, we have had to stop our English classes. We were hopeful that restrictions wouldn’t last long and we could resume quickly, however, here we are going into the month of June with no classes. In order to keep in touch with our students, Kayti and I, along with Adam and Ayla Cottrell, are making English video lessons each week and sending them to the students. These video lessons end with a short devotion as well. Please pray with us that these videos and our weekly contact with our students will keep the door of communication and ministry open with them until we can see them in person again.


“I want to know God, I just need someone to tell me. Will you tell me?” It was a pretty normal, blazing hot day during the Thai New Year holiday when I heard the question every missionary hopes and prays to hear. On my walk from the church to my truck, I had passed by the local car wash and stopped to wish the owner, Bee, a happy birthday. He wasn’t busy with a car at the moment, and we started talking. I have known Bee and his wife Boe for five years, and though we’ve chatted here and there, and I’ve invited them to church through the years, we had never had a conversation like this one before.

As you can imagine, I jumped at his invitation, and ever since that day in April, I have spent hours at the car wash each week, pulling a plastic chair up to Bee and Boe’s table and talking with them about who God is. One evening, Bee said to me, “You have to understand that Buddhism is all we have ever known or been taught. From the time I was born they put ‘Buddhist’ as my religion on my birth certificate. It takes time for us to understand and accept what you are telling us.” Please pray for Bee and Boe. Their hearts are open, but like he said, for people in a Buddhist culture it takes time to learn, accept, and put their faith in God. Last week Boe told me that they are so close to believing, but the area of faith is hard for them. Please pray that God will lead their hearts to him, and pray for me as I continue to share the Gospel with them each week.


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