Salmons to Thailand

Salmons to Thailand
Good afternoon! 

We are so excited to tell you all that we’ve seen the Lord do at BenTai Baptist Church in 2023, and this year is just getting started!

Our kids, Judah and Quinn are healthy and growing like crazy, and we are continuing to see an improvement in my Dad’s health as he continues to receive treatment for cancer. 

Our ministry has also been blessed with growth both in members and in team members. We now have two interns that are serving in our ministry and they have already been a great help! The Cottrells have also started a new youth English class just this past Sunday! And we will be meeting with multiple people about joining the church this week.

Please check out our latest prayer letter and see how the Lord has allowed us to serve Him lately here in Thailand. Through BenTai Baptist people are hearing the Gospel every week. Please pray for our church, our leadership teams, and for those that don’t know Jesus yet. We are praying that we will see families and friends join us this Sunday to celebrate the resurrection!

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support that allow us to serve the Lord right here in Thailand!

Happy Easter!
Shane Salmon

BBFI Missionary to Thailand


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