Mark and Sue Schladenhauffen to South Africa

Mark and Sue Schladenhauffen to South Africa

Dear Pastor and Friends,

As many of you will be enjoying your summer weather we have entered into our winter here in South Africa!  The beginning week of June we had some very cold weather.  There was snow that fell in some areas of the country.  Since we do not see much snow, many people will head for the snowy areas to see and play in the snow before it melts.  

Concerning COVID-19, there are some parts of the country that are facing a third wave with COVID cases increasing and it is expected other parts of South Africa will be in the same condition.  So to help trying to minimize the third wave there are once again restrictions which have been imposed.  Social-distancing, mandatory masks and sanitizing are still in effect.  Vaccines have been already taken by many of the front-line workers.  The second group to be taking vaccinations are people 60 and over.  

As a church we are following by taking precautions and doing what we can to continue to move forward.  Church people remain encouraged and faithful in their attendance, service, giving and what ministries we are able to do.

For the Sunday school, we are thankful as we have four church people who have volunteered to help teach our Sunday school children.  The Sunday school was postponed for a period of time but we made a plan to continue it in June with what children do come.  The four volunteers are Mondli, Lungile, Thuli and Thandeka.  Thandeka was first to begin teaching on June 6th and she did very well as she taught on Creation.  As they remain committed, they will each have one Sunday every month to teach.  

In May we handed out some nice mugs for the ladies during Mother’s Day.  In June we will hand out mugs as well for Father’s Day.  

Once a month the church does an out-reach ministry to preach and hand out gospel tracts to the community.  We do see some results of people coming to Christ and some attend our Sunday morning service.  There was recently one person who came to Christ.

We appreciate your prayers and support for this Zulu ministry here in South Africa.

Mark and Sue Schladenhauffen


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