Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

We are excited to say that the new church plant has been started. The last few months have been a lot of work to get the new work started and set up. There were so many supplies/items to purchase and set in place for our first Sunday service. Not only that, but we stuffed around 2000 mailboxes with our special invitations in and around the city of where the church is located. We are very thankful for all of the help my fathers church was in getting these invitations in the mailboxes in Haigerloch. They were such an encouragement and help to Shay and I. Our opening service was just this last Sunday, the 19th of June, 2022. We had a good number of people come to our first service. My father moved his services that Sunday to our church to support our first service and we had 3 first time visitors. That may seem like a small number to most of you, but for Germany, that is a blessing. Since we are in a town that is run predominantly by the catholic church, we were encouraged to have some visitors attend our services and have a total of 20 people in God’s house. With lots of good music, testimonies and calling preachers from the floor we had a wonderful time in the Lord. I’ve attached some pictures (I wish I

could send more than these.) in this prayer letter of our first Sunday and just of our new work in general. Please don’t post any of the pictures or our prayer letters online or on any social media platforms for the privacy of our church folks. That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in helping us out with that. If you or your church would like to or feel led to help us and directly be a part of purchasing some of the needed items/supplies for our new work, that would be a huge blessing. Any love offerings designated for this project (New Church Plant) can be sent to our home church. (Address Below) Thank You!

While passing out the invitations, I came to the mailbox of the catholic bishop. I started to throw it in when I heard someone say: “No one lives there but I will take it.” Little did I know it was the Bishop’s helper and the Bishop himself standing behind me. I gave them the invite and they proceeded to ask what we believed. I began to give them what we believe and then they began to tell me how they believed the same. I rebutted this and asked them about what they teach about works salvation, baptism, hell isn’t for eternity, all people are God’s children and that Mary is holy. That made the Bishop’s helper upset and he wanted to argue with me but the Bishop listened enthusiastically and intently in the background. We left after disagreeing on almost everything for 45 minutes but I left them with the Gospel. The Bishop got into his car and tracked me down in my car and asked me to pull over. I did and got out and we walked toward each other. He wanted to let me know that he believed in much of what I believed but didn’t want to show his helper that he disagreed with him. Wow! This is their “shepherd” afraid to stand on God’s Word. We have a lot of work here to do for the Lord. Pray that we can reach them with the TRUTH!


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