Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

It has been a wonderful summer so far. Some of my siblings were able to come and visit us this year, so that was a big treat for Shay and I. It was also encouraging to have some of them attend our services at the new church plant. Being on the field we miss a lot of things from home but the main one is family.

The church has been doing well. Most Sundays it’s just Shay and I at church but a few weeks ago we had a family of 5 come and visit. They said they got our invite in their mail box and they are looking for a new church to join. They said that they would love to come back so we are hoping and praying that they will come back for another visit. Sometimes some people from my father’s church attend our midweek service, which is a tremendous encouragement and blessing. When it is just Shay and I at church, it can often times be very discouraging and lonely but we constantly remind ourselves of the “Cause”. It is worth it to serve the Lord faithfully and proclaim the Gospel

even if there isn’t anyone to listen. As long as we are in His will, we can’t go wrong. Please continue to pray for more visitors and for us to remain faithful.

On another note, Shay and I have some exciting news. We found out about 3 weeks ago that we are expecting, twins! We don’t really have any history of twins on either side of our families. So, we were totally shocked to hear and see that we are having twins. If you remember or think of it, please pray for a healthy pregnancy for all three of them.

In the middle of September, our church is planning a ”Men’s Prayer Breakfast”. We already have many men signed up to attend, many of whom are lost and do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. The whole reason we plan and have events at our church is for the spreading of the Gospel. Besides having good food and a good time, I am hoping to be able to give a clear presentation of what it means to be saved. The Gospel doesn’t just offer salvation from hell or eternity in heaven, it also offers us victory over sin while living on earth. It offers us a victorious life so that we can live for Christ, which is how God intended for us to live. We are Christians and the question arises: “Does the world see Christ in us?” Please pray for this meeting and that many of them will see their need and visit our church for one of our services. That would be such an encouragement and blessing to our ministry to see God work in this way.


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