Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

We love the fall season, especially in Germany where we are. We are not far from the “Black Forest” and the turning of the leaves in our area is very pretty. This is the season of thankfulness even though we should practice thankfulness all the time. With that in our focus, we are learning at church just how important it is for us as Christians to practice thankfulness. It can have a huge impact on our spiritual growth. As Christians, we tend to focus on our woes, problems, issues, and be very selfish in our own ways. If we practice thankfulness, that would redirect our focus on others, what they’ve done for us, and especially on Christ and what He has done for us.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

To the people in this town, the cross is just a symbol of religion and the state church. We have another message to share and that message is the TRUTH. These people have never heard the TRUTH. Every time I go back up to that lookout and look over the town we are trying to reach with the Gospel, it recharges my burden for this town. With the new flyer (Second Picture) I designed, we are praying and hoping to reach every door in our town again. It says: “Looking for answers?”. Please pray for and with us that these new invite flyers will reach many and prompt folks to come and visit our church.

If you remember and think of it, please continue to pray for Shay and the two little ones. We are praying for a healthy pregnancy all around. We found out at our last doctors visit that we will be having two boys. I cannot tell you how excited we are. We cannot wait to meet them!

Maybe you remember me asking you to please pray for the men’s breakfast we had planned in September. Well, that sort of fell through as many people had to cancel last minute. My neighbor friend I invited, B., did not cancel and wanted to still attend. I said how about you and I just go out and get some breakfast at a local bakery. He thought that was a great idea. I thought this was a great opportunity for me to get to know him better and befriend him on a more personal level. Please pray that I can be a good testimony and witness to my neighbor friend, B.. I pray someday, soon, he will see his need for a Savior. Gottes Segen!


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