Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

Jacob and Shay Shipman to Germany

I must start off with telling you about the great news that took place this past Sunday. I had the privilege to baptize both P. and K. in the “Eyach” river near our church. This was a huge step of faith for them as both have family members who don’t support this decision at all. It is hard when you must choose between the Lord and your family. Unapologetically, they both followed the Lord in believers baptism. P. and K. will always have a special place in my heart being the first converts for me to baptize and becoming our first members in our little church. One of them, their spouse actually decided to attend and support them on Sunday. My father also decided to bring his church over and support us with their people. What a great opportunity it was for me to present the Gospel while standing in the “Eyach” river. I got to share with those who are lost what Christ has done for them on the cross of Calvary. I believe full heartedly that the Lord is already doing a work in that spouses heart. Please pray for these two as they continue to grow in the Lord and that they would continue to be a bold witness to their families, friends, neighbors and community. They have been faithfully attending the discipleship program and there has already been so much growth in their lives. It’s amazing to see the work God is doing in them in real time. God desires to do a work in all of us and I’m so glad these two are willing.

Last Thursday was a holiday in Germany and my fathers church always hosts a big picnic. They invited our church and we were able to attend with many visitors. A friend of mine and his family, my barber and his wife, and P’s. spouse came and heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. We had lots of food, games and sweet fellowship throughout the day. Every event and every special occasion that our church hosts or has will always keep the Gospel in the forefront as that is the ultimate reason for them. I believe too many churches out there have these events with a social gathering mindset, but every event through the local church should take place for the furtherance of the Gospel. Please continue to pray for us as we reach our community for Christ. Thank you for all that you do and God bless your ministry.

Jacob Shipman 


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