Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist Evangelism

May 12, 2022

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”  Rom. 8:28

Dear Friends & Supporters,

April was a most unusual month for Lucy and me. We continued our online Bible study for the month. April also included a trip to Colorado and Nebraska to report to supporting churches.

All was going well as I was able to preach all of the present courses online except for the final lesson. The final lesson has been delayed for several reasons including travel and sickness. We hope to finish soon and begin a new series.

We made our way to Colorado and Nebraska and were able to preach in three wonderful churches, however we experienced five days of wild fire smoke, wind and dirt storm. Soon we began to feel sick. We were able to return home but things got worse. Lucy came down with a strep throat and sinus infection. I began to get a sinus infection plus the flu that turned into pneumonia. I had to be put into the hospital for several days, but we are now both home under medication and will spend the necessary time in recovery.

We are thankful to the Pastors and sweet congregations for their encouragement and prayers. We are so grateful for the monthly support and special love offerings.

In His Service,
Preacher and Lucy Smith

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