Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist Evangelism


December 1, 2022

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We spent almost 4 weeks in Argentina, we rejoice in the blessings of the Lord. What a privilege it is to serve Him. We feel it a great honor that God would choose us to be His servants.

Each day as Lucy and I pray together, we give God thanks for each of you who faithfully pray for us and send in your support.

In some cases, churches came together for seminars on the family and ethics in the ministry. We worked with Pastors from 10 different churches. A total of 192 took our courses. The Lord blessed in the preaching services with 15 souls coming to receive Christ as their Saviour. Many families in each church were forward to pray for their homes during the family seminars.

We are so thankful that this year has been somewhat of a recovery year from the world-wide virus problem. Already we are planning 8 missionary journeys next year, the Lord willing.

Please remember us in prayer and if you can, send in a special offering for next years seminars. Already several are planned and it takes extra funds to put on these training schools around the world. So far 3 have sent in special offerings and we are grateful.


In His Service,
Preacher and Lucy Smith

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