Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist Evangelism

April 1, 2023

Dear Friends & Supporters,

The month of March we have been conducting our worldwide ministry from our office here at home. This we do by preaching online messages that reach over 25 countries that we know of. We also preached several times by Zoom which also reaches unlimited places. I have preached some 17 times this month by these methods.

In addition, we have been seeing doctors as Lucy is facing surgery to remove her gallbladder. Please remember her in prayer.

We are so thankful for all who support us, there are no words to thank you enough. Usually a missionary raises two kinds of support, work support and personal support. We have never asked for personal support, but needs have come up that require us to ask for help in a personal way. We are facing costly replacement of our old furnace and air conditioning system and roof. We are looking at $8,000 – $10,000 to replace the heating and air condition system and around $10,000 to replace the roof, and frankly I do not have that kind of money to spare.  Our car is 13 years old and we hope it will keep going without costly repairs. If any of you feel lead to help us with some personal gifts, we would be so thankful. Please make the checks to W. L. Smith and send to the address at the bottom of this letter. We thank you in advance for anything you could do to help in this time of need. May the Lord give you the best of His blessings.

In His Service,
Preacher and Lucy Smith

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