Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist Evangelism 

May 1, 2023

Dear Friends & Supporters,

During the month of April our ministry included online preaching and Zoom preaching from our home base. I preached online 12 times and live Zoom sermons twice. We know of people in 26 countries who watch our ministry by this method, for which we praise the Lord.

Next, we began a missionary journey that would take us to four countries over a 2-month period. We will minister in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Fiji. We left our home base and took our flight to Denver, Colorado where we changed planes and soon landed in San Francisco, California. There we boarded another plane for a 14 hour flight to Sydney, Australia. Once in Sydney, it was time to rest for a couple of days. After a short rest, we took our journey to Adelaide, Australia. From Adelaide we journeyed to Mount Gambia where we ministered at the Open Door Baptist Church with Pastor Cotton. Lucy spoke to a Ladies’ group and I had a meeting with a Men’s group. I then preached both services on Sunday. During our time there we saw 6 souls receive Christ as Saviour, Praise the Lord!

In our next report to you we will tell you of the journey as it continues. Without your prayers and support our missionary journey for the Lord would not be possible. We are thankful to each of you.

In His Service,
Preacher and Lucy Smith

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