Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist World Evangelism

Preacher and Lucy Smith Global League of Baptist Evangelism 

July 1, 2023

Dear Friends & Supporters,

This report covers the last of April through the months of May and June. Lucy and I have just finished a 4-country missionary journey that included Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and Fiji.

During this journey Lucy spoke to three Ladies’ groups and taught in a children’s Sunday School class. I held five seminars with over 1000 attending the studies in 20 different countries. Counting the seminars and preaching services I brought a total of 98 messages. We saw 63 people trust Jesus as personal Saviour, for which we praise the Lord and give Him all the glory. We are thankful that the Lord just used us as tools in His hand. We worked with several Missionaries and Pastors along the way. So many proved to be a great help to us as we traveled on the journey.

In letters to come we will be including photos of the work as we are still on the road trying to get home. We arrived ok in the United States but then got stranded in Denver because of severe weather and at this time are still trying to get home. We are so grateful to each of you who support our World Mission work. From a human standpoint it would be impossible to do this ministry without you. May the Lord bless you for the help you are to us.

In His Service,
Preacher and Lucy Smith

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