Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda


At the beginning of July our family came down with COVID-19. We were very thankful that we had mild cases, but we were definitely sick for over a week. We observed the required quarantine of two weeks (which was very difficult), but were really glad to be able to get back with our people. At the end of July, the president lessened the lockdown a bit, thus allowing us to drive our personal vehicles (only 3 people including the driver), however he kept schools and churches closed. We were really hoping he would open them, but we are thankful for the nine “Bible Study Groups” where our church people are meeting weekly for prayer, a Bible lesson, and encouragement from one another. This has really helped us stay connected and close to each other.


One thing that has not stopped is our soul winning and discipleship ministries. During this lockdown we have over 40 people being discipled weekly. I am thankful that our children are also involved in this. Marcus is discipling one of our teenage boys, Kirsten is discipling two teenage girls, and Kendra has six that she is discipling. Praise the Lord!

2 Weddings

Love still happens even with lockdown. We have been privileged to have two weddings during this time.Julius and Sarah got married in the village of Karusandara. Brother Brian oversaw his first wedding at this time. He was really excited about it.Ezekiel and Marion got married in the village of Kinyayobyo. One of the men in our church oversaw this wedding, as I was down with COVID. Ezekiel is blind and has never seen his wife. Praise the Lord he will one day!It has been such an encouragement to our people to see these couples doing right from the start and also making things right with God by getting wed properly according to the Bible and not just the traditional way.

25th Wedding Anniversary

I am so thankful that God has given my wife (my best friend) and I twenty- five years of marriage together. It hasn’t always been easy, but it is a blessing to know that we are growing closer than we have ever been before. Praise the Lord for a godly wife!!

COVID-19 in Uganda

Total cases: 120,075

Total recoveries: 95,578

Total deaths: 3,023 (Population: 40 million)

Prayer Requests

  • Bible translation works in Runyankore, Lhukonzo
  • Discipleship ministry
  • Preaching point in Kinyayobyo
  • Mountain ministry
  • All COVIDrestrictions on churches will be lifted
  • New Discipleship andPreaching Points


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