Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda

While we know there are some countries that still have restrictions on movement and gatherings because of COVID, we are thankful that we have complete freedom again. This has allowed the many ministries to continue to grow and expand and even new ones to be opened.

We have been invited to preach on a weekly basis at a place called Liberty College. It is a school for business management and journalism. The director has given us complete freedom to preach every week to around 70 students. After only a few weeks of preaching there, we have already seen some of the students attending our church services. Please pray that these students will give their lives to Christ.

We recently celebrated our 7th church anniversary here in Kasese. We had over 135 in attendance. On that day two people were saved, and we also had five baptized from one of our church plants. What a great day of celebration that was!

We also had a time of weeping as we helped perform the burial for Simon, the son of one of our pygmy couples, Julius and Tabitha. He was only 11⁄2 years old and was diagnosed with sickle cell disease. We praise the Lord he is notsufferinganymore! Iamalsothankfulforthecomfort our church people were able to give to the family.

Our son finished school but waited for his sister to finish so they could go back to the States together. They had a graduation party here, but the actual ceremony will be in Oklahoma. Their plan is to work through the summer saving their money for college and see where the Lord leads fromthere. Althoughitwillbetoughlettingthemgo,we are excited to see the Lord use them in other areas. Please pray for them as they get settled. Being born and raised in Africa, America will be a foreign field to them.

One of the young men in our church, “George,” was saved inaMuslimfamily. Hehadtriedtokeephissalvationa secret, but his dad found out. One night after observing the Lord’s Supper at church George went home and his dad beat him severely. He has recovered physically, but thankfully, his spirit was never diminished. He is more determined than ever to serve the Lord. Please pray for him that God will protect him and give him wisdom with his dad.

We had our second TBI (tri-annual Bible institute) with over 70 in attendance for the week-long course. We taught the Biblical Distinctives of Baptists. They learned very clearly what we believe, why we believe it, and how they can show others what they believe from the Bible.

Prayer Requests

  • Bible translation works in Runyankore, Lhukonzo
  • Discipleship ministry
  • Preaching points in Kishanyarazi and Kajwenge
  • Church Plants in Kinyayobyo and Ribweryakyona
  • Mountain ministry
  • New Discipleship Points
  • Health of Pastor Eliab


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