Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda

Discipleship Ministry

We are thankful for those who have gotten saved, baptized, discipled and are now involved in discipling others. I just completed a class on Discipleship 2 with 8 of our people. This class teaches them how to disciple others now that they have finished Discipleship 1. What a blessing to see their desire to serve the Lord and others.

Police ministry

God has given us a great open door to the police here in Kasese. In our last prayer letter we mentioned having a police appreciation day. This time we were shown the appreciation. The former chief of police and his wife had come to our services many times. He would bring other police officers from time to time as well. He also came to our Bible studies during COVID lockdowns.

He was recently promoted to the rank of SP (Superintendent of Police), and he gave me the opportunity to help in his “pipping” (putting the pips of the new rank on his uniform) ceremony. He was so grateful for the work that we are doing among the police. We continue every Monday to preach to their assembly and we are looking forward to opening that ministry in the nearby town of Hima.

Deaf Ministry

A non-profit group from the capital came to Kasese for a field study with the deaf. We allowed them to use our multi-purpose building for their meetings which allowed us to get our church location to all of the deaf in town. This resulted in 26 deaf that attended July 17! There are several that have been faithful since that time, and we have averaged about 10 deaf every Sunday since then. Praise the Lord! The sign language students have really stepped up to help interpret for the various classes. What a blessing!

Family Update

Thank you for praying for Marcus and Kendra in the States. They enjoyed their summer in Ohio learning American culture, getting a job and car, making new friends, and loving a new church family. In August, they moved to Oklahoma City to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College. Transitions are never easy, but they are doing great in their classes, learning a new city (quite a bit busier), and getting to know a new church family. Please continue to pray for them that they will continue to serve the Lord wherever that may be. We are thankful they learned flexibility in Africa! ‌

Prayer Requests

  • Bible translation works in Runyankore and Lhukonzo
  • Preaching points in Kishanyarazi and Kajwenge
  • Church Plants in Kinyayobyo and Ribweryakyona
  • Mountain ministry
  • New Discipleship Points
  • Health of Pastor Eliab
  • Marcus and Kendra at college


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