Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda
This was an especially hard video to make as my friend Pastor Eliab passed away about a week ago.  He had been sick for several years and was unable to do any preaching.  He never really recovered from a bladder surgery and then had a stroke which left him bedridden for the past year and more.  While we are sad that we won’t be able to see him and fellowship with him here, we look forward to eternity when we will be able to fellowship together with him and Jesus Christ.  May many souls come to Christ because of Pastor Eliab’s life and even death.  To watch the video click here or go to our website.
If you would like to watch a video that talks a bit about Pastor Eliab’s history, click here.  This story is in our 2002 furlough video.
If you would like to see the turning of the church over to Pastor Eliab, click here.  This part is in our 2007 furlough video.
If you would like to see the history of Moses, the man who most likely will take over for Pastor Eliab, click here.  This video is our “taking u 2 Uganda” of July 2015.
By His Grace,
Matthew Stensaas
Kasese, Uganda


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