Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda

Weddings and more weddings…

We were humbled by the response of so many churches in answer to our ‘taking u 2 Uganda’

August video update. You have helped with 5 weddings in the last 6 weeks! What a blessing! We even had our first double wedding in the mountain village of Ribweryakyona. It is truly an answered prayer to see so many families together now with God’s blessing! Thank you! We are also planning for 5 more weddings before the end of the year.

Precious in the sight of the Lord…

…is the death of His saints. Those words of comfort mean so much more to me now that our friend, Pastor Eliab, has passed on to Heaven. He had been sick for several years and was bed ridden for most of that time. We are so thankful that he is not suffering any more.

Pastor Eliab faithfully pastored the church in Kyahi for about 18 years. He also trained a young man named Moses to take his place. Bashaija Moses has been doing the preaching for the past few years as Elaib has been sick. We will be meeting with Moses and the church members soon to help them choose who their next pastor will be. Please continue to pray for the Kyahi Independent Baptist Church.

Ladies Conference

We had the blessing and honor of hosting our first Ladies Conference! There was a total of 56 ladies that came from 7 churches! Many of these ladies never before had the opportunity to do anything like this or even leave their village. They were excited to learn for the two full days and also enjoyed fellowship with so many other Christian ladies. What an encouragement it was! Many said they would start saving for the next conference and would invite more ladies!

Family Update

Marcus and Kendra are doing well in Bible college. They made it through midterms! Classes, assignments, and two jobs keep them busy, but they are doing great! We are so proud of them. Thank you for your continued prayers for them. It was hard to miss Marcus’ 21st birthday, but we are thankful for their many “adoptive” families who care for them!

Kirsten and Kimberly have stepped up and filled the “holes” their siblings left in the ministry. Kirsten has enjoyed the extra chances to interpret for the deaf in church and Sunday School. Kimberly has enjoyed helping in the children’s church more.

Prayer Requests

  • Bible translation works in Runyankore and Lhukonzo
  • Preaching points in Kishanyarazi and Kajwenge
  • Church Plants in Kinyayobyo and Ribweryakyona
  • Mountain ministry
  • New Discipleship Points
  • Marcus and Kendra at Bible college
  • Health of Pastor Eli – ANSWERED


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