Stensaas to Uganda

Stensaas Family to Uganda

Weddings and more weddings…

We continue to be blessed by more couples who want to do what is right. Those who had been living in fornication, have separated and God blessed for them to get wed properly. In the past two months we had five more couples get wed. This means that in the last four months of 2022, we had 10 couples get wed properly. What blessing it has been!

Bible college graduation

We are thankful for the three students who graduated from the four-year Bible college. They passed the ORALS examination showing that they knew what they believed about the major doctrines of the Bible. I am also thankful that these students have already been greatly involved in many different church ministries. One is even pastoring a church and one is involved in a new church plant. Praise the Lord for their desire to serve Him!

Ordination Service

We were also blessed to ordain two of our men who have showed faithfulness over the past several years. Pastor Brian and Pastor Zebedee, both of whom are pastoring churches in their respective villages are doing a great work for the Lord.

We believe these men are called of God; they have a good and correct knowledge of the Bible; their lives are blameless (not perfect); and they are serving God faithfully where they are now.

Missions Conference

Our Missions Conference here is always in December… a time of giving, Amen? We are so thankful for the wonderful commitment that our people made for missions. They committed to give over $1,200 in 2023. Please pray that they will keep their promise in the new year.

Family Update

It was such a blessing to have Marcus and Kendra come home to Uganda for Christmas. They sure enjoyed coming back home and we definitely enjoyed their visit between semesters at Bible college. Please continue to pray for them as they are still getting settled in the foreign country of America.

Prayer Requests

  • Bible translation works in Runyankore and Lhukonzo
  • Preaching point in Kishanyarazi
  • Church Plants in Kinyayobyo and Ribweryakyona
  • Mountain ministry
  • New Discipleship Points
  • Marcus and Kendra at Bible college


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