Sudbrock Family to Germany

Sudbrock Family to Germany


In our last letter I asked for prayers for H. I had witnessed to him and continued on my way. Suddenly, he was next to me. He said, “Excuse me, I know this is strange but I just felt impressed to talk to you more.” I explained that the Holy Spirit draws us. He was shocked by how I understood. He had some questions and wanted to go for a walk.

The next day was Saturday, and we took a walk along the Elbe river as he asked questions and poured out his struggles and shortcomings. His common law wife had left him and took their young daughter. After a long walk, I explained salvation and prayed with him.

The following Sunday, I asked the church to pray as well. Monday, I went to visit him. As I once again explained the simplicity of salvation, he declared, “It was so fast. I started to tell God about my sin and tears began to flow and as I asked Him to save me joy overwhelmed me. It was amazing.”

God answers!!

I also mentioned Samantha’s medical expenses and churches stepped up and covered over two of the $3,000! So thankful for God’s provision.

The first week of May we were honored for 30 years as missionaries. We were blessed to see several old friends and were blessed to be able to stay with Marlene Szesny. She was the nurse at BBC while we attended. It was great to catch up with so many people in such a short time.

Two days before our flight back we picked up Elior, the newest member of our team. I am about to go to training with him as I type this letter. He will open doors into care facilities as a therapy dog.

Our church building repairs are beginning to take place. We are looking forward to an open-door Sunday in the near future! It has been a bit cramped with the two rooms closed off to use since the water pipe broke in December.

Special thanks for the support and the special offerings during these uncertain times.

The Sudbrock Family



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