Tarwater Family to the Philippines

Tarwater Family

Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,


  • J.B. preached at Junior Camp for 1st thru 6th graders April 27-29 with 50 orphans in attendance with over 100+ total attendance & 55 children made professions of faith for salvation – Glory to God!
  • Preached at Bethany Baptist Church in Makati (near Manila) for their Month of Missions.
  • J.B. inaugurated as president of the Bible Baptist Seminary of the Philippines on April 15, 2022.


  • We are praying for a Ministry Van to bring boys and girls to VBS, Camp, church activities, etc.
  • Planning and praying for souls to be saved and lives to be changed at VBS May 13-15, 2022.

Legacy Bible Camp UPDATE:

  • Praying for the funds to put direct waterlines into the three dorms at Legacy Bible Camp and a larger septic system with additional drain lines etc. to accommodate upcoming camps.
  • Family Camp held at Legacy Bible Camp with over 20+ Baptist churches participating and over 700 campers with 10 professions of faith, and six surrendering their lives to full time ministry.
  • Praying for the funds to finish the 3rd dorm to accommodate another 150+ campers. With proper drainage systems before rainy season to help reduce water runoff erosion and flooding.
  • Marie taught the Young Pro class for Ladies in a breakout session, while J.B. preached in services and taught the Young Pro class for Men during Family Camp at Legacy Bible Camp.

Church Ministry UPDATE:

  • J.B. preaches weekly at Hillside Baptist Church – twice on Sundays & Wednesday night, does counseling, devotions, mentor’s young men and boys in training for the ministry & Christian life.
  • We are caring for three young ladies – ages 13, 15, 19 – who are being mentored by J.B. and Marie. They teach Sunday School, help at the church daily, are learning musical instruments and playing in the newly formed orchestra (ukuleles & mandolin) at Hillside Bible Baptist Church.
  • We celebrated Marie’s Birthday on April 2nd with family & friends. Afterwards with church members… later evening another surprise party at Marie’s parents’ house.
  • A supporting church donated Bibles – and we are so blessed to be giving those Bibles away to visitors, newly saved individuals, those getting baptized (two in April) and to young people (teens & children) who have no Bible of their own.
  • Revamping the church’s Sunday School program, discipleship, worker training along with painting and refreshing the auditorium and entrance areas.
  • Planning and Preparing for DVBS at Hillside Bible Baptist Church.

Your Missionaries to the Philippines,

J.B. & Marie Tarwater

Please pray with us for a ministry van – Needing $17,500


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