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Tarwater Family

Prayer Letter Update JANUARY 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your time responding to our emails, supporting the ministry through financial support and prayers, and your love for souls. We spent our new year with Marie’s family and with the CIA girls – KC, Diane, Maria and Allyza here in the Philippines.

Quick trip to the US for Marie’s US Citizenship Exam ~ which she passed ~ an answer to
prayer! She took the Oath the same day, also a miracle answer of prayer and God’s blessings – as that is a rare happening. She is now a Naturalized or “US Citizen”. To get her American Passport, we will go to the US Embassy in the Philippines (Manila).

On JB’s birthday, Hillside BBC surprised their Pastor (JB) with a surprise party with another HBBC member with the same birthday. This really touched our hearts as they expressed sweet loving spirits.

The Church’s Soulwinning Saturday Visitation Teams have faithful attendance with enthusiasm for the Great Commission right here in Barretto. Praise the Lord for souls saved & baptized.

A newly Baptized member Jomari has expressed a desire to study the Seminary. He usually comes after school during his free time to sit in on classes. We are excited and praise the Lord for a changed heart and life willing to be discipled and dedicated to the Lord. JB preached in HWBBC 36th Anniversary.

Compassion In Action (CIA) – Mission Philippines has enrolled 6 Filipino children in HBBC’s ACE School. The Lord has provided backpack, uniforms, necessary school supplies, along with transportation, lunch Meals, school tuition for Pace’s and activities for them through His people.
Currently we have five Filipina girls/ladies, ages 12-20 staying with us and Marie watches over them, teaches/trains them at the house, school, and church. They are a true delight and blessing. Please pray for them as they grow spiritually and as young godly ladies.
Thank you, Mission Philippines, for being a channel of blessing to these boys and girls. We & they are thankful for God’s provision thru His wonderful people giving & support. Praise the Lord!

*We continue to teach face-to-face & on-line seminary classes. *Cook lunch for teachers & students. J.B. prepares sermons & preaches 3-5 times per week. *He plans church events, outreach/soulwinning, oversees camp, counsels, trains church workers, goes soulwinning and has fellowship with members. **Please pray for more souls saved & wisdom in ministry.

We write to you with humble hearts, seeking your forgiveness for the delays in our prayer letter updates. We are grateful for your unwavering prayers and support for our ministry. We understand timely updates are crucial in keeping you informed, and we have been working diligently to address the issues that caused the delays, and we believe that the kinks are worked out going forward. Thank you for understanding. We pray the Lord bless you more and more.

Prayer Requests:

  • Church Family Unity.
  • Windows for Children’s Church Room.
  • Youth Camp with Faith Academy & Kid’s Camp outreach in February.

Prayer Letter Update FEBRUARY 2023

Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,


Thank you so much for being a part of the Mission Philippines Ministry Van ~ the “FX” through your prayer & financial support.

  • A big blessing for fetching children and youth for church & activities.
  • We pick up more kid’s, go more places in a safer manner in less time!
  • Marie drives it too! She takes girls and ladies to church and events, etc.
  • Two of our 3rd year students from HBBC have Thesis defense and are preparing for
  • intense questioning/defense (please pray for our seminarians)
  • J.B. also paneled in another seminary campus Thesis defense in Manila.
  • Hillside BBC Couple’s Banquet was a delight & joyful time for our church.
  • We attended Asian Leadership Conference with the Seminarians.

Prayer Requests:

  • More souls saved & baptized
  • Children’s Church room door, windows, electrical supplies
  • Church Electronic Piano
  • Bible Distribution Barn.


  • Gospel Tracts Distributed 152
  • Bible Studies 36
  • Good News 27
  • Baptism 1
  • Faith Academy Youth & Kid’s Outreach Camp was a great success – many decisions for the Lord and several children making professions of faith. Praise the Lord.

Your Missionaries to the Philippines,

J.B. & Marie Tarwater


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