Tarwater Family to the Philippines

Tarwater Family
Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,

Hillside Bible Baptist Church

  • Praise the Lord for spiritual growth at HBBC and for souls saved and baptized. – We are truly blessed to distribute Beams Bibles & see the joy when receiving their own personal Bible! – Our church Orchestra now has grown to 4 violins, keyboard (praying for a piano), 5 guitars, 1 mandolin and 5 Ukulele’s. Many other youths are encouraged to learn and play for the Lord in church services. The Sunday School teacher was reminded for the zeal and learned new techniques of teaching in the Sunday School Teachers Training Camp held at Batangas. The Young Peoples Banquet was a real treat for our young pro and youth not only to meet new believers like them but also hear great preaching about Purity and Marriage. Soul-Winning, Visitation & devotion every Saturday at 8:00 am.
  • Men’s meeting (Mighty Men) every Saturday at 6:30 PM for prayer, planning and devotion.
  • J.B, preaches 4-6 times weekly in church services, events, chapel hours and at church ministries.

Bible Baptist Seminary

  • J.B. still teaches three different subjects at three separate BBS Campuses weekly.
  • Our Seminary Men are preaching at HBBC’s ACE School Chapel Tuesday mornings at 7:30 AM.
  • BBS Final Exam were the week of 14th of November… then a two-week Semester break.

Legacy Bible Camp

HBBC & SBC sent volunteer workers to cut grass, do basic clean-up, etc., for SBC’s PBYC Youth Camp. The PBYC Youth Camp hosted by SBC was successful, even though a Typhoon caused much rain. The LBC new water system provided clean & strong water supply to the dorms.
We are still in prayer for a full-time camp caretaker.

Compassion In Action (CIA)

  • CIA Ministry not only provides Christian education and spiritual guidance but also to a home for girls who have home difficulty or wanting/willing to be in a godly home environment.
  • CIA – Education. Previously, 6 students were enrolled in ACE. However recently, 2 of them are no longer enrolled: Maria, enrolled in a secular school, while still remaining under our care. Jhoana, however, unfortunately, has now officially dropped out, and is no longer living with us – though several times we have taken her back ~ please pray for her. Officially enrolled is four while Maria continues to stay with us and work ACE paces when possible.
  • CIA Food & Shelter – The four girls under our care at this time are – Maria, Allyza, Diane and KC. (we praise the Lord for these amazing young ladies who serve the Lord faithfully and are true blessings to many.

Mission Philippines

  • We praise the Lord for the friendships & fellowship of our church members & families.
  • During a quick visit to the US for Green Card/Immigration purposes we were able to enjoy being with J.B.’s family at Thanksgiving and visit JB’s dear friend battling pancreatic cancer.
  • MINISTRY VAN – Transfer of the US funds to the Philippines to purchase the Ministry Van has had snags/difficulties. JB opened a Dollar Account in the Philippines~ hopefully that will solve the problem of transferring the funds for our Ministry Van and we can purchase one ASAP! Thanks for your giving.

Your Missionaries to the Philippines,

J.B. & Marie Tarwater


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