Tarwater Family to the Philippines

Tarwater Family

Dear Prayer Partners and Co-Laborers in Christ,

By God’s grace, Marie and I reached our 6-month Milestone in the mission field of the Philippines. We would like to thank all of you for your continuous prayer and support. We have encountered changes & challenges along the way…
We thank God for His goodness and grace – we give Him the glory. Amen.

Church Ministry Update:

The Saturday Soul-Winning has been fruitful as more souls have made a profession of faith in Jesus. The church orchestra is growing. Another newly Baptized is being discipled and has joined the orchestra. Praise the Lord for a changed life – one example is another Baptized, who is growing in the Lord, being discipled, changing lifestyle & has joined the choir. JB’s first time doing a child/baby dedication ~ a challenge to us all to fully dedicates our life to the Lord. JB is preaching several times a week at church, teaching four classes in the Seminary. JB is also now the Administrator/Principal of the ACE church-school, rans the Legacy Bible Camp. Once we have saved enough for the ministry van, we are planning to start a children’s feeding ministry outreach in the neighboring area. In the church, we had a Sin “Pruning, Purging & Burning” bonfire night to cleans the hearts, lives & homes from worldly distraction, and to be worthy and be used for the Lord’s work. We went to a Youth Conference with a daughter church in HBBC, Bataan. JB preached about holiness. Everyone went to the streets and handed out hundreds of gospel tracts; did street preaching with the young men and one on one witnesses in the town square and park area. JB spontaneously preached salvation message to “Sepak Takraw” players during Saturday visitation and several made professions of faith. (Our church member is their coach.) We have follow up plans and may do some more similar events.

PLEASE PRAY – Wisdom for JB, as he’s taking care of God’s flock and for the church’s upcoming Revival & Missions’ emphasis in September. We are planning in July a Volleyball & Basketball Fellowship for the Youth & Young Pro’s to encourage & challenge those in the faith and preach the gospel to the lost. Pray for several souls saved during these outreaches and soul winning in the surrounding areas to be baptized and grow.

Church-School Ministry Update:

Marie just finished her SOT (ACE) Staff Training with four other teachers from our church. Marie is currently teaching summer classes 4 half days a week and does devotional with on at the children on rotation, and morning devotions with teachers daily before school starts. J.B. will be the principal/administrator at the church-school, so he will do the PATS/ACE Administrator’s Training online, July 4-12 daily. The ACE school is a great opportunity for us to select and help some orphaned and needy children. We are praying to help more needy children in the future, God willing, and have a more permanent housing situation for them. God willing, through the “CIA” Program (thanks to those who are giving), we can help children enroll in a Christian education through the church-school that uses the ACE curriculum for Godly character building. The ACE School at HBBC starts on August 9, 2022. July, we are building the school desks, tables and painting learning center area for better learning and less distractions. PLEASE PRAY for financial assistance for Compassion In Action Ministry to help boys and/or girls be blessed with a Christian education.

BBS (Seminary) Update:

Orientation will be on July 11th with over 220 expected to be in attendance (teachers and students). Please pray the Lord to bless with more 1st year students (several have already enrolled). J.B. will be preaching a challenging message from God’s Word. J.B. is going to be teaching four subjects in three different campuses on Mondays & Tuesdays weekly and Fridays once a month (up to 10 hours round trip). Seminary starts classes on July 11th. PLEASE PRAY for traveling safety, wisdom, patience, endurance, and favor. Also, pray for our Bible students’ Godly Character development.

Legacy Bible Camp Update:

Please pray to the LORD for a successful Youth Bible Camp at Legacy Bible Camp on July 4-7th. Over 250 campers expected – for 3 days where they will be challenged in the Word and the gospel will be preached – pray for salvations & surrendered lives to the Lord. We hope the facilities & water improvements will be a blessing indeed. Legacy Bible Camps next camp is Saturday, July 30th ~ an all-day event, we are expecting to have up to 70 campers. PLEASE PRAY for souls to be saved.

Compassion In Action Ministry Update:

We thank God for your faithful monthly contribution for the “CIA” Fund, that focuses on children’s education and needs, one soul at a time, as God directs them our way. We may not have an orphanage or children’s home yet… but God is already at work. We are staying at Marie’s parents’ house, on the 2nd floor level in a separated living quarters. They want to be a blessing and allowed us to use an extra room for the girls to stay and use. Currently, we are ministering, mentoring, and housing 4-6 girls consistently. They are a blessing to us and the church! Although, we have sad news about Jhoana’s spiritual life, as she is running from the Lord at this time – but we are still hopeful and still praying for her. Now, we are praying to sponsor a 13-year-old girl who is currently staying with us and growing in the Lord, she has a sweet disposition, and plays Ukulele as part of our church orchestra. We have more children prayerfully to consider for support – If you want to be a blessing to these future generations, the ACE schooling cost around $50.00 per month. PLEASE PRAY For wisdom and God’s Will as we want to be a good steward for the Lord. Please pray for the children (we’ll introduce more soon).

Your Missionaries to the Philippines,

J.B. & Marie Tarwater ~ Jude 22


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