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Dear Friends,

We have the 2nd quarter accountability reports in from our national pastors and by God’s grace they were able to see 2,500 people trust Christ as Saviour and 464 new converts follow the Lord Jesus in water baptism in the past three months.

That brings the Year to Date total up to 4,281 professions of faith and 734 that were baptized into fellowship with a local church.

I am also pleased to let you know that we will be helping to sponsor 11 more national church planters in August.

These 11 new families will be planting churches in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Laos, Rwanda, Uganda and Indonesia. 

These are local believers who have been saved, baptized, discipled, and are now being sent out by local churches in their own communities. They will be under the mentorship of seasoned missionaries who live and work in their country.

God has blessed me with 30 different missionary partners in 20 countries. Those men are crucial in identifying, vetting and keeping the national pastors encouraged and accountable.

My role with Barnabas1040 has transitioned from basing in SE Asia to working from America. Formerly, from SE Asia, I personally visited each country to meet and vet the pastors that we support. Now I am basing in America and making annual trips to meet with our partners and the church planters they recommend.

It was not COVID that brought us back to America, but the fact that we needed someone here in the USA presenting, reporting and raising new funds if the ministry was to continue growing. For that reason, we returned to America and settled in the Pensacola, Florida area.

During the three years we have been back we have seen the Lord almost double the outreach of Barnabas1040. I never cease to be amazed by how our Sovereign God works!

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for the men and women that serve faithfully in countries and cultures that are hostile to Christianity.

  • Please pray earnestly for the Indian state of Manipur. Manipur is located in NE India and borders the country of Myanmar. More than 60.000 people have been forced from their homes as entire villages have been destroyed in the violence that began a few weeks ago in May. It is estimated that more than 200 Christian churches have been burned to the ground and hundreds of Christians killed. Our ministry has been sending money to help with food and shelter as we are able, but it is difficult to communicate with our contacts in Manipur right now. Please pray.
  • Please pray for more workers for the Harvest. Pray especially for the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Communist countries where the majority of our pastors are serving.
  • Please pray for wisdom for me as I attempt to balance the need to raise support in the USA while also staying in contact with the missionaries and pastors we support overseas.
  • Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the future of Barnabas1040 Missions. Pray for the Lord to raise up helpers to expand the ministry both in America and Overseas.

I want to end this letter by once again expressing my sincere thanks to every church and individual that bolsters our ministry through prayer and financial support. Your sacrifice has enabled us to go from a dream, to a thriving ministry supporting 120 national pastors reaching thousands of people for Christ in just eight years. I am truly amazed and humbled by God’s grace and your willingness to partner with us.

God Bless You!

Dwight & Gayle Tomlinson


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