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To say that our plans are always subject to change, is an understatement this month. We arrived back in southwest Florida in early September to begin the groundwork for the new sanctuary building at Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church. Before we could “put a shovel in the ground”, we had an unexpected visitor. Hurricane Ian made his appearance on Sept 28th. I’ve sat thru several hurricanes through out my lifetime, but this one was the worst. According to the weather agency, we had winds of 124 mph for over 8 continuous hours. We were on the western edge of the eye, so we had the approaching, passing, and departing winds from the storm without ceasing.

Our focus that week went from preparing for the storm to surviving the storm then to recovering from the storm. Barb and I are safe and secure. Our home and RV sustained damage, but that can be repaired. The church property sustained damage and we are working on repairing that. Obviously, the building project is delayed.

On a personal note, Barb is scheduled for cataract surgery on her left eye on Nov 3rd, then 2 weeks later she gets the right eye done. In late Jan she will have her left knee replaced, followed by the right knee replacement after rehab. I will have my right shoulder replacement surgery when her knee rehab is finished.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the BBF Builder Ministry

Ron and Barb Trosclair

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