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Trosclair Family with BBF Builders 

Barb and I had the opportunity to help build an addition onto the parsonage at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Biloxi, MS last month. The needs of a church are always changing. Space is always an issue. More classrooms are needed, more storage space is needed, more seating capacity, and the list goes on. Your existing space needs to be updated periodically. I guess my point is, if your church is busy doing the Lord’s work, it will eventually get worn out. On the flip side, if your church is doing nothing, it will eventually decay also. We praise the Lord that Lighthouse Baptist Church is not letting dust settle under its feet. God is really moving at Lighthouse and the lives of people are changing.

Back in Florida, Mt. Ephraim Baptist Church has contracted with an architect to get the project started. This is always an exciting time in the life of a church. Building a new building can be inconvenient. Parking will be an issue. Just getting around all the construction can be challenging. Something that we have learned over the years is that we (older people) are not building these facilities for us, we are building them for our children and grandchildren. We are building them for the people to come and hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to accept Christ as their Savior. This is the time when we put our faith to the test. Do we trust God to bless and provide, or not?

We ask that you continue to pray for Barb and I as we continue to work, and as we both have surgeries coming up. We know that God is in control, and we fully trust Him for everything in our lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers for the BBF Builder Ministry

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