Ward Family to Riverside, CA

Dear Friends and Supporters,

We want to begin by saying thank you again to all of you for your continued support of what the Lord is doing in Riverside, CA. We know that without you this work could not be done.

These last two months we have traveled many miles and visited many churches as we continue raising our support to plant the church. We have been in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Utah. Everywhere we go we continue to be encouraged by the enthusiasm churches have for what God is doing in Southern California.

In September we looked at potential meeting places,

and the Lord provided many open doors for us. After much prayer and counsel, we have our meeting place secured. We will be

meeting at the local Hampton Inn. We also have the official date for our opening Sunday. In our last prayer I said our opening Sunday was scheduled for February 12, 2023. After much counsel from my Pastor and others, our opening Sunday will be April 2, 2023. Moving the date will give us the time to ensure we have raised our full support before we start, and it means we no longer have to try and fit three months of outreach and evangelism into just one.

Now that we have more time at home after our lengthy travels, we once again are picking up with our evangelization in our neighborhood. We would ask you to pray with us that the people of Riverside would have open hearts and open minds to the gospel. As always, we need boldness to preach the gospel. Many of the people I give gospel tracts to as I run errands throughout town receive them with joy and excitement. I guess people are always interested in what’s new.

Our support continues to come in and we are excited to report we are at 80% of our full support.


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