Bob and Cala Williams to Choctaw Indians

Bob and Cala Williams to the Choctaws

Dear Prayer Warriors: 

This is the story of a jailhouse conversion. Kevin has been on our prayer list off and on through the years for salvation, marital problems, and a few weeks ago he was arrested and sent to jail for a serious offense. The Lord knows how to get our attention and bring us to the end of ourselves. Kevin pretty much hit rock bottom. Bro. Joseph Carroll, pastor of the Idabel church, went to visit him there and won him to the Lord! He was baptized last Sunday. We don’t think he is off the hook with the law yet, regardless, he will be needing lots of prayer. (photo at right with his wife)

Please to continue to pray for our health, and also for the following needs:

  1. They still need a Navajo pastor for Dine’ Baptist Church at Escrito, NM.
  2. We need to put a different AC system in the parsonage at Swink as Pastor Jason’s wife has a lot of allergies, and the window units are drawing in a lot of pollen and pollution. Hopefully, in the next few weeks we should have a better estimate on the total cost.

Folks, thank you again for your prayers and faithfulness to our ministry.

Your Missionaries,

Bob and Cala Williams

PS One of our supporting churches asked for a short video report on the work here. Here is the YouTube link if you would like to see it:

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