Bob and Cala Williams to Choctaw Indians

Bob and Cala Williams to the Choctaws
Dear Prayer Warriors:

There is good news and bad news this time. We want to thank Westfair Baptist Church in Jacksonville, IL, for sending down a crew to replace the roof on the church at Swink. They were wonderful folks and did a great job. Unfortunately, they were unable to finish it in the time that they were here, so they covered the part that was unfinished with tar paper, and asked us to find a roofing contractor to finish it, and they would cover the expenses. However, before the roofers could get to it, it came an Oklahoma Toad Strangler and the roof leaked and caused some damage. It looks like we are going to have to replace or repair three ceilings in the Sunday School rooms and paint the auditorium ceiling (see pic below).
Three of our supporting churches sent in funds for a heat and air system in the parsonage. The installer required that we send the money up front to pay for the material. However, there was and is a delay in receiving the material. The temperature has been in the nineties here, so we had to go ahead and get a large window unit. It seems to be doing the job so we cancelled the central heat and AC order but it will probably be a couple of weeks before we get our deposit back. We are hoping the churches that sent in funds for the heat and AC will allow us to use those funds to repair the damage in the church.  
Thank you so much for your faithfulness, prayers and support.
Bob and Cala Williams
Choctaw Indians


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