Bob and Cala Williams to Choctaw Indians

Bob and Cala Williams to the Choctaws

Dear Prayer Warriors: 

It is our joy to report that one soul accepted the Lord as Savior, and five were baptized at the first church we started among the Navajos in Waterflow, New Mexico. Please pray for their pastor Bro. Curtis Harvey Jr. He is struggling with some health issues. One of the problems is he has a lingering sinus infection. Also, at the Idabel church, Bro. Sonny Dense flew to South Carolina to be with his dad just before he died, and he and his brother were able to lead their dad to the Lord. We had been praying for Mr. Dense for many years.

We would like to especially ask you to pray for the ministry at Swink. The pastor there has left. His wife could not get over her struggle with allergies and seemed to be getting worse. Before he left, the attendance had fallen to only four. Please pray that God will give us a pastor that will stay and be able to do the job that is needed there.

I just got a good report from the pulmonologist. Apparently, I have a post-COVID cough that has lingered for several months and will take some time to heal. We’re so glad the CT scan showed it wasn’t cancer! Please pray for Cala’s health and mine as we fill in at the Swink church.

Also, Pastor Joseph and his family need to find a house ASAP. They were living in a mobile home on the Idabel church property, but it is falling apart so they moved into the fellowship hall temporarily. They are expecting their seventh child.

Thank you again for your part in our ministry over the years.

Your Missionaries,

Bob and Cala Williams


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