Bob and Cala Williams to Choctaw Indians

Bob and Cala Williams to the Choctaws

Dear Prayer Warriors:

A tornado hit our county, our town and our home on November 4th. We took shelter in our bedroom closet. The tornado toppled a huge tree onto our house taking out the kitchen and damaging the dining and living rooms, but stopped at the bedroom and closet where we were, but by the grace of God we are OK. We stayed in motels a week or so, but were able to lease a small duplex for three months. The contractor said it would probably take 3 to six months to repair–over 100 homes in Idabel and businesses were damaged or destroyed. Included is a photo of some of the damage to our house. Our churches and church members homes didn’t receive any damage. Thank the Lord! We covet your prayers for strength and wisdom as we have so many things to deal with right now. Our prayer letter will be a little late, but we should be able to get it to you next week.

Open photo

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support,

Bob and Cala Williams  

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