Bob and Cala Williams to Choctaw Indians

Bob and Cala Williams to the Choctaws

Dear Prayer Warriors:

We briefly mentioned this young couple in our Choctaw update last month – Terish and Hadden Tisho. They got married several weeks ago. Terish grew up in the Idabel church. Her godly grandparents have faithfully brought her and her siblings to church over the years. Bro. Joseph, pastor of the Idabel church, had the privilege of leading Hadden to the Lord a couple of weeks ago. Please pray that they will build their house on the Rock. Every church needs more young families.

This month, marks 49 years since we were sent out as missionaries from Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK. We are looking forward to our 50th year next May, if the Lord tarries His coming. Please to pray for our health, and also for the following needs:

1. We still need $1000 to buy the material needed to complete the roof at Swink. We still have $500 in the building fund, and believe it or not, a man who lives near the church promised to give $1000!

2. We need to put a different AC system in the parsonage as Pastor Jason’s wife has a lot of allergies, and the window units are drawing in a lot of pollen and pollution. The unit itself costs around $1200. Bro. Jason has a friend he thinks will install it for free. Any help on these projects will be greatly appreciated.

Folks, thank you so much for your prayers and faithfulness to our ministry.

Your Missionaries,


Bob and Cala Williams

Our Testimonies:

Bob was saved while in college. Cala was saved at 12 years old. After we were married we joined Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma, City. We surrendered to full time service after a S.M.I.T.E. trip to Old Mexico, and six months later enrolled in Baptist Bible College. God called us to the mission field through His Word while we were there. While still in college, we had the privilege of starting Bible Baptist Church in Bixby, OK, driving down there on weekends.

We were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Brazil in May of 1972. Our sending church is Southwest Baptist in Oklahoma City, Bro. Jason Gaddis, pastor. We were in Brazil for eight years. The Lord allowed us to establish one indigenous work with three congregations out of the first work. The doctors told us that Cala could no longer live in Brazil because of her health and recommended that we change fields.

The Lord opened the door to work with American Indians which we have been doing for the last 42 years. We had the privilege of establishing two works among the Navajos in NW New Mexico, started a church on the Quinault Reservation in Washington State, and have been here in Southeastern Oklahoma working among the Choctaws for 26 years. After meeting in a house a couple of years, the Lord gave us a church building on 20 acres. We organized the church January 9, 2000 with 20 charter members. We also have two missions and turned the first one in Bethel, OK over to Bro. Josh Harjo. The second one is 30 miles west in Swink, OK. We have had the privilege of starting 11 churches so far.

We have four children. Our oldest son, Bobby, is married with three children and seven grandchildren. They live in Georgia. Our next son, Matthew, is married with three children, and they also live in Georgia. (Matt was two weeks old when we started driving down to Bixby to start the church there). Our youngest son, Mark, works with us here as assistant pastor in the Idabel church. He is married and has two sons and a grandson. He and his wife completed the missions course at Baptist Bible College (1994). Our only daughter, Susanne, is married and they have three children and are members of New Haven Baptist church in Krebs OK. All of our children are faithfully serving the Lord. Thank you for your investment in our ministry and our family over the years.


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