Winkler Family to the Philippines

Dear Praying Friends,

It’s good to be home. We made it back to Croatia on March 31.

As you may remember, we spent the months of February and March in the states. We had one main reason for this trip – our daughter Sarah’s wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony! The tears my wife and I shed were happy tears. God gave us a lovely daughter and then blessed her with a wonderful young man. We are pleased to welcome Jacob into our family.

We were also able to visit our home church (pastored by my father-in-law) for the 46th anniversary service. While we were in California we spent some time with my family as well. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s years ago. The disease is a taking a toll on him. We are thankful that we were able to spend some focused time with our kids as well as our parents.


April is the time of year that we must gather all the required documents and submit them to renew our visas which expire the end of May. It is not actually a difficult task, but it takes time. After forms have been filled out, official documents have been translated, and necessary papers have been printed we turn everything in to be approved. We should hear back by the end of May. At that point we pay the fees that are a part of this process and then we are good for another year.


While we were in the states a dear church member, Baka (“grandma”), was in the hospital for a couple of weeks. The doctors are not certain what is wrong with her, but she is home now and taking medication. She is not able to be at church because she is very weak and in a lot of pain. Please pray that God will strengthen her body and encourage her heart.

Thank you for your faithful partnership with our ministry through continued prayers and financial support. We appreciate you.

Preaching Christ in Croatia, Ron Winkler Family

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