Wrights to Greenland

Wright Family to Greenland

Thank you for the Christmas cards and extra love gifts given over the holidays. We appreciate your generosity. Thank you also for the anniversary cards. My wife and I celebrated our 24th anniversary this month. God has been good to us.

The sun officially returned on January 13 . However, we could not see the sun in town until the beginning of February since Ilulissat is surrounded by mountains to the east and a little south. The return of the sun always brings with it a burst of life and energy from the long and dark winter months.

Our language studies continue to progress, even though the majority of my studies are now limited to self-study. I have a few friends that I can reach out to for language questions or for help in translation work in the Greenlandic and Danish studies. It would be helpful if there were formal schooling offered year- round for the languages. I always think the reason for my struggles is because of my methods versus being taught professionally. I feel I wouldn’t struggle as much if I just had a good teacher.

I have made several new contacts these past few months. These are people that I had met in simple everyday life while out walking or shopping. I am praying that these contacts would develop into something more. I was able also to finalize the gospel tract I had written. It has been printed and shipped. Please pray that God would give wisdom in how to use them for his glory.

We were able to experience another Greenlandic kaffimik this past month. A kaffimik is a Greenlandic party for birthdays or special events. Invited friends come and go throughout the daylong celebration. The amount of food served reminds you of a Thanksgiving dinner. The difference is the foods are Greenlandic and none of the foods remain hot. Some dishes are cooked, and some are not, but they are brought out and remain until the end of the celebration. I did try a Greenlandic delicacy. Puisip Aqajarua is made from seal intestines and served with noodles and sauce. It was actually not that bad, but I kept my portion small just in case.J Small gifts are given, but it seems that the people enjoy the visit from a friend the best.

Thank you for praying for our first grandchild’s arrival. Easton James was born on January 28. I would ask that you pray for him as he has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. We praise the Lord that there have been many medical advancements in recent years that will allow Easton to have a better life with CF. Please pray for Steven, Katelynn and Easton. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayers and support.

Laborers together in Greenland, The Wright

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