Wrights to South Dakota

In our last prayer letter, I had asked that you pray for rain that our area desperately needed. God answered your prayers! Over the past few months, I have seen reports of close to 10 inches of rain for our area! There are still regions in the state that have drought conditions. Pray for them.

In April we were able to go visit my oldest son Timothy and Chole. We met our grandson, Kaiden for the first time. Baby and mom are doing well.

Our second son Nate, got married on May 27 to Katelyn Hailey in Elk Point, SD. This was the first time our entire family had been together in 4 years. We enjoyed every minute of it! Pray for Nate and Kate as that start life together.

In May we had a work party and pulled shrubs at the church. We cleaned the weeds and rocks up from the flower beds that surrounded the church and laid new plastic with mulch. We were so proud of our nice work but recently we have had high winds. One of the storms picked up our mulch and blew much of it onto another area of the property. We should have used rock. 🙂

There have been several that have reached out to us about our church roof that needs some attention. It is a large roof (approx. 82sq). I am trying to secure all the materials in the next few weeks but believe we will probably hold off attempting replacement until next summer. We just don’t have the manpower at this time. We really need a group of 10-12 experienced guys to help us. If you would like to help out with the project, please let me know as I try to plan for the next summer.

In June we started our visitation program again. It has honestly been going better than I had expected. I figured people would not want us knocking on their doors or giving them a witness. However, I have had some good visits and was even invited into the home of one couple. Being the new pastor in town gives us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and attempt to give a gospel witness to each home in the community. So far, the reception has been good. I also met a new couple that just moved to the area. They have two young children and are looking for a church. Pray for both couples. I would love to see these folks get saved and their families helped with the word of God.

Our church services are going well. Although we have not had any new visitors, we continue to be faithful preaching God’s word. I have recently been going through the book of Nehemiah. It has been a good study for me and the church as we learn about Israel’s rebuilding process of the wall. I feel that rebuilding is where we are at as a church. Pray for our members. It seems strange, but it is rare to have everyone at church at the same time. It seems there is always someone sick or not feeling well. I understand that issue if you have a large group, but our group is really small. 🙂

Thank you for faithful prayers and support!

The Wrights


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