Wrights to South Dakota

We pray that you are enjoying this holiday season with friends and family as much as we are this season. The holidays seem to go by so quickly that we often don’t stop and take the time to reflect on what matters most. May we be reminded of God’s greatest gift to us, the Lord Jesus Christ, for without Him there would be no Christmas.

Our church hosted a Christmas play this season. It was something the church did in past years. Many of the people in town looked forward to it year after year. For some this is only time they will visit the church. While we were reluctant to do it because of our small number of members, we went forward with the program anyways. We had a decent turn out in spite of our advertised meeting getting canceled due to a 3-day blizzard. Mostly family filled the pews, but we did have 3 visitors. Afterwards we had a time of fellowship over coffee and cookies. Pray for our visitors. A seed has been planted and we trust the Lord for fruit.

We have also had a visiting family that has come a few times over the past few months. Pray for them that their spiritual needs are met, and they would continue to come. They haven’t been back for a few weeks now.

Beginning January, there will be a change in the way in which we receive our support. This should make things simpler and more convenient for my sending church and me. I am still working with the blessing and leadership of my sending church. I simply ask that you send all future support to:

Midwest Missions P.O. Box 114 Hoven, SD 57450.

Checks payable: Midwest Missions.

I apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact me or my pastor.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and your financial support. Thank you also to those that have given extra to make this Christmas special for my family and me. Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Laboring in South Dakota, The Wrights

Prayer Requests

  • Visitors from the play
  • Family that has visited
  • Volunteers for our church roof project this summer


  • For the visitors that have come
  • For our play going well


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