Wrights to South Dakota

We praise the Lord for the much-needed moisture we have received the past few months. We are tempted to complain about the inconveniences of snow, but we have been in drought conditions over the past several years. The moisture is necessary as we get into the spring planting season.

These past few months I have been busy moving snow. It can be discouraging thinking that the only thing I can see as far as accomplishments go is the clear sidewalk in front of our doors. I wish I could write and tell you that many new visitors have come over the past winter months. But rather than focusing on who is not coming to church, we have focused on those who are coming. We have 11 kids who faithfully attend services. During the winters months we have youth meetings to specifically minister to them. This winter we were able to take advantage of the snow and go skiing. While it was subzero and cold, the kids still had fun. It was a first for many, and definitely a must for next year. We also were able to rent a skating rink for one of our meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to encourage the kids spiritually and to teach them they can have fun while living for the Lord. Pray for these young people that they will remain faithful and serve the Lord.

This winter my wife and I were able to install some flooring in our church office. We are slowly completing some neglected projects, yet it seems the work is endless. We have a planned work party for the week of June 10-19th. We are praying for some able and knowledgeable volunteers that would be willing to help us with the installation of shingles on our church roof. We have 82 squares to install. The Master’s Craftsmen for Christ came and surveyed the roof in January and decided to partner with us in this project. They also are currently recruiting volunteers. As of right now we have no committal from any volunteers. So would you pray about helping a missions work here in the States? You can contact me if you are able to help. Our church folk will be helping, but we just don’t have the manpower to accomplish this on our own in a timely fashion. The church will be providing meals and lodging.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support. We do not take your sacrificial giving for granted. We know that we are living in uncertain times, especially financially, and we are grateful for all that you do that allows us to serve God here in South Dakota.

Prayer Requests

  • Youth in our church
  • Family that has visited
  • Volunteers for our church roof project this summer


  • For the snow
  • For the church office floor

Laboring in South Dakota,

The Wrights


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