Wrights to South Dakota

Thank you for praying! In our last prayer letter, we were requesting volunteers for our church roof project. Our church is very small and has limited manpower to take on such a project. Your prayers were answered! We praise the Lord for the volunteers He sent our way. Our 80+ square roof project was completed in 3-1⁄2 days! The Master’s Craftsmen for Christ and Fellowship Baptist Church in Kronenwetter, Wi brought in volunteers which included seven teenagers to help us with the project. Everyone was involved, from the ladies of the church providing meals, to the kids just picking up nails. We had fun working together (even if it was roofing) and we enjoyed the fellowship with other believers. We praise the Lord for safety and good weather that allowed us to get the roof done in a timely fashion.

We have been praying for a specific family that has been visiting off and on to our Sunday services. For the most part they seem closed, and anxious to leave the services as soon as they are over. However, the past few Sundays they have been more open and not as anxious to leave. Please continue to pray for their spiritual needs.

We have been going to nursing homes each month in two different towns. The residents at one nursing home seem happy to see us and they participate well in the song services. In this home, there is a married couple that remember me from my years of working at the local dealership as a mechanic. We reminisce of those past years, but our prayer is that God would use us to help them see their need of salvation. The other nursing home is a bit more challenging. At this home, it seems those that come to the services are not as coherent as the first. None the less, we go praying that a seed is sown and that we can just be an encouragement to the shut ins.

Please continue to pray for our small work and ministry as we continue to be faithful preaching, witnessing and visiting as the Lord gives us opportunities.

Thank you for your faithful support in prayers and finances that allow us to serve God here in the Dakotas.

Laboring in South Dakota, The Wrights

Prayer Requests

  • Nursing home ministries
  • Family that has visited
  • Church growth


  • Roof project completed
  • For the Lord meeting our needs

Laboring in South Dakota,

The Wrights


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